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The Internet has revolutionized the world and given us access
to cooperative opportunities around the globe.

Why not to use these opportunities to your advantage?

Health 24 is an online portal where you can find dentists, massage therapists, and other health professionals in Copenhagen and other cities, book appointments online, write user-reviews, and more. The service is free for patients:

NOVAS Commercial Solutions is a premium provider of export sales management services for Eastern Europe. NOVAS can help companies that are planning to enter into new markets or new product segments in an affordable manner: provides information to clinics about finding the right offices in the Copenhagen area, including relevant real estate agencies and locations. It also provides general advice on selecting appropriate facilities for a clinic:

As the name suggests, it is a health blog with tips and advice from health professionals on healthy lifestyles and more. The blog has a special design focused on authors who have nice visible profiles: is an informational website that helps clinics find furniture based on location, furniture type, clinic specialization, price, and so on. It includes both general and specific advice: presents an overview of dental disposables, including general recommendations, major suppliers, and detailed descriptions of different types of disposables:
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