Branch establishment

Establishing a branch involves hundreds of decisions. We know you don’t have time to deal with every detail, which is why Sofitas delivers branch establishment services to ensure you get the right key employees and office set-up on the first try.

What is included in Branch Establishment services?


  • Analysis of your needs to identify positions for hiring
  • Creating job profiles
  • Sourcing of candidates to match profiles
  • Interview processes, testing, and background checks to screen candidates
  • Selection of the most qualified, best match candidates for your branch

Contract kit

  • Assistance with employee contracts and negotiation
  • Advice about online cooperation platforms to streamline communication, software development and testing
  • Kick-off meeting online to begin collaboration with your new team
  • Advice about office set-up
  • Customizable services on an optional basis

Hotline help

Contact Sofitas during the trial period for resolving possible issues regarding new employees.

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