Outsourcing firm

Do you have a complex, but well-specified project? Would you rather outsource it to an external firm instead of hiring temporary employees? Let Sofitas find the right outsourcing firm for you. We can match you with a trustworthy vendor with excellent communication skills.

What is included in Outsourcing Firm Selection services?


  • Analysis of your project to determine needs
  • Profile creation to understand what type of vendor or workers you are looking for
  • Creation of a list of potential vendors
  • Validation of vendors on the list through proven screening methods
  • Video interviews
  • Identification of the best vendor for your project

Contract kit

  • Assistance in developing, negotiating, and concluding the contract
  • Advice on a number of online cooperation tools to streamline cross-border collaboration
  • Online kick-off meeting between partners for starting their project

Project hotline

Sofitas doesn’t step aside as soon as the contract is signed. Contact us via the hotline for support with any issues during the project.

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