Permanent employees

At Sofitas, we know that every organization has unique needs. When you identify a permanent IT need in your company, it’s imperative to fill that position with the best possible specialist. We can ensure you find the right software specialist for your unique permanent needs.

What services are included in the Permanent Recruitment package?


  • Analysis of your needs
  • Job profile creation specific to your position needs
  • Creation of a candidate list
  • Review of candidates through screening processes and video interviews
  • Testing of candidates
  • Selecting the best possible candidate for your needs

Contract kit

  • Contract service, including a template document, to negotiate and conclude the employment contract
  • Advice about online cooperation tools to streamline software development, communication and project management
  • Sofitas hosts an online kick-off meeting for a client and a new employee to ensure a good introduction process

Hotline help

Contact Sofitas directly during the employee’s trial period to resolve any issues regarding the candidate.

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