Dedicated team: “Your team under our roof”

Do you have a complex ongoing project? Do you need a cost-effective team of IT specialists? Dedicated Team is like your own IT team in the next room, working full-time on your project.

What is included in Dedicated Team services?


  • Analysis of your needs
  • Sourcing of candidates
  • Screening through background checks, tests, reviews, and video interviews
  • Selection of the most qualified candidates that are the best match for your team

Starter kit

  • Advice on selected online platforms to streamline cross-border collaboration, including project management, communication, and software development tools
  • Kick-off meetings online to begin collaboration with your new team
  • Possible travel to our Ukrainian office to meet your team

Everyday work

You are in charge of your project on a daily basis. We take care of HR and other practical issues. We guarantee satisfaction. Count on Sofitas to ensure smooth cooperation and communication in every interaction with your team.
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